Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Natural language learning app

Since more then a year now I tried to get Google involved in some way in a specific app I would like to create. Wrong contacts, working already on something like it? No idea, but from now on it's out in the wild.

When learning foreign languages the best way to do this is in contact with native speakers. Communicating, in other words.
But that's not often possible, certainly not for most of the people in the world. With +Project Loon on its way an Internet connection will.

And what if your partner is an artificial intelligence, who patiently starts a conversation with you on cats and dogs and other familiar objects. Up to a point (after some time) where you will be fluent in a foreign language?

I made a short video on what this app might look like, sort of video prototype. But don't expect the artificial mentor yet.

Subtitles are available in English, French and Dutch.
Budget for the video? 1.5 € to make the "blue screen" used, and a few hours for me and the other participants. It was really fun to make it. Perhaps there will be a "making of" with the most amusing moments, we have material enough.

I would really like this app to go into existence. And I think it is feasable.

If you like the idea of learning foreign languages this way, reshare this post with your contacts, +it.

If you would like to participate by writing code, creating the virtual worlds, or sponsoring financially the realization, please contact me (see the end of the video).
If you can help teaching the teacher, I'm also interested.

twitter: nllapp

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